About Us

The quality of our service relies on the vast experience of our Staff in the maritime business. Based in Buenos Aires, with a Branch office at Rosario, we offer Agency Qualified Services at main ports along our main rivers and sea coast.


Our Maritime Professionals and Sub-Agent Network Representatives have years of experience in the industry making them the single-point stop for all your requirements.


We are currently rendering services to Tankers, Bulkers, Containerships, Barges, Pushers and Tugboats both as General and Protecting Agents.


We work 24/7 and around the clock to fullfil your every need. Direct contact via WhatsApp allows you to have realtime followup of operations


You name it, we do it. We offer the widest variety of Maritime Shore & Sea Services in Argentina, placing us as your Single Stop for all needs.

General Agents

- Continuous contact with Port operators and follow up of daily bulletins by navigation Authorities enable us accurate programming of inbound and outbound traffic starting from appointment of Pilots, Tugs (if and when required), linesmen orders, berthing assignments for vessels along with attendance of Customs, Coast Guard, sanitary Authorities and Migrations.

- We ensure the adherence to regulations in force nation-wide to spare Principals from related contingencies.

- We ensure accurate and timely response to all e-mail requests.

Ship Husbandry

- Seek for most effective scheduling of husbandry deliveries to vessels, boarding of shore technical Service suppliers, tools, etc.

- Have Master and Crew assisted with personal requirements in coordination with Principals, as required.

Tug Boat Services

- Subsidiary company with nationwide coverage of towing services, following port regulations and/or special requirements by Master and/or Owners to ensure best market tariffs for these services including but not limited to ordinary docking / undocking of ocean going vessels, towing services, etc.

Protecting Agents

- Interact with General Agents for precise and timely performance of ShipOwners / Managers Requirements for technical, legal and Husbandry issues as it may be the case

- Coordinate surveys, joint-inspections tests to be followed up by Port, Flag, Class Inspectors, etc

Our Customers

These are just some of our best clients from all over the world.



NSC stands for quality in modern maritime shipping.



CONAY S.A. is one of the leading companies dedicated to the transport of goods along the Parana-Paraguay's Waterways.



Maruba is the largest shipping company in Argentina having a wide variety of services and a human resources base of well over 600 employees.



Compania Argentina de Remolques is an Argentinian Barge Transport Company currently attending port calls in Buenos Aires, Zarate and Rosario.


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